Our Programs


Keynote Speakers and Trainings.

The NPWA is happy to be able to say we have a wide range of experienced spouses who are available to come and speak at events. All Spouses on the NPWA board are well trained through lived experiences and are always willing to share their stories and methods that have helped them gain knowledge of how to live happy, healthy, and wise Leo Lifestyles!! To inquire about subject matter or book a speaker please email our President at kellinpwa@gmail.com!!


Crisis Intervention Training

Due to recent events with Civil Unrest in STL, Baton Rouge, Chicago,etc. we have had to create a method by which to assist departments while in Crisis. Most of that assistance has come by training local Spouses groups in Crisis Managemen. These trainings include:

How to build and train teams of Spouses to assist with supplying Departments in need by running public campaigns for food and other supplies. 

How to Staff, stock, and  maintain  Command Post. 
Hospital Response to Wounded and or Injured Officers. 

Coordinating with Chaplins and other mental wellness professionals to provide Peer Support to Officers and their families. 

If you want to inquire about how to set up a training or even build a Spouses group please send us a message in our Contact us section here on our website.


Suicide Awareness and Prevention

The NPWA has had the honor of helping develop and participate in a suicide awareness display all across the Country. After finding local organizations that provide mental wellness services and support to law enforcement in an area we then plant 55 flags in the awareness color of purple. Fifty to represent each state and 5 to represent US Territories. We also include a Displayed sign acknowledging all organizations who have come together to provide programming for Officers. It is our firm belief that we can help begin to lower the staggering numbers of law Enforcement Suicide by bringing awareness and resources for Spouses and Departments to use. To find out how we can help please use the contact us form found here on our website!!